Paul Fridman & Rachael "Rocky" Holloway

Kiteboarding | Sailing | Windsurfing | Paddleboarding


“Moonlight sails with the amazing Watersports Crew and kiting North Sound with the many Bitter End visitors."

If you were to spot Paul or Rocky at Bitter End, your first thought might be that they were part of our Watersports team. The duo originally happened upon Bitter End as boat guests, but in the seven years since have become a huge part of our local kiteboarding scene. Both were kiting enthusiasts before visiting Bitter End, but it’s safe to say they perfected their skills on North and Eustatia Sounds. “Kiting is by far our favorite pastime, and we consider Bitter End the kiting jewel of the Caribbean.” Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious, and everyone from staff to guests loves having Paul and Rocky out with them on the water.

While kiteboarding may be their favorite watersport, they also love to sail, snorkel and explore while at Bitter End. “We enjoy paddleboarding, reef snorkle tours and Hobie sailing. This special place has something for everyone and makes for a great family and friends gathering spot.” Safe to say we consider Paul and Rocky part of our Bitter End family, too.