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“A full day on the water, sailing, followed by social time in the bar, swapping stories and laughs.”

“Catch a wave” would have to be Adey’s life-slogan. Surfing was Adey’s first love, and first water sport. “Standing on the edge of a six foot wave, looking down into the belly is pretty awesome. My spiritual love of water started at this time, feeling the power of the ocean and trying to be at one with it is amazingly meditative.”

Adey later learned big boat sailing on the challenging Solent off the Isle of Wight, competing in the Round the Island Race and training for the Fastnet, picking up RYA skipper and Yachtmaster certifications along the way. Dinghy sailing followed on Lasers and Laser 2000s. “I love the one on one nature of class racing, you just have to beat the next guy or gal.”

After teaching sailing in the US this past summer, and currently residing on the shores of the river Thames in the UK, Adey confides “I love working on the boats, working with the staff and teaching. Inspiring the next generation to take to water, enjoy it and share is amazing.” His next adventure is to train for his first Atlantic crossing. But for Adey, “Sailing at BEYC is pretty special. It’s more than just the amazing location and the epic staff and the weather and the kit it’s the legend and the stories of the place. Sailing into the North Sound and up to the dock is impossible to do without a smile.”