It all began with a family...and their boat.

When the Hokins set sail for Bitter End on their vintage ketch Alianora in the 1960s, they had no idea that what awaited them ashore would become their family’s passion for generations.

Founders Myron and Bernice Hokin, Circa 1979
Prince of Wales
building Bitter End Yacht Club
Rhodes lesson
clubhouse, circa 1973

By the early 1970s,

Bitter End Yacht Club Sunday sailing regatta

In the decades since,

Bitter End Yacht Club’s free spirit has continued to attract like-minded adventurers to its remote shores.  It has become known as the best watersports training venue for pro athletes and amateurs alike, and the harbor is still a required stop on the itinerary of any sailor worth his or her salt.  Guests come and go, but they take Bitter End with them along the way.  What began as a family retreat has remained a family retreat –  it’s just that today the Bitter End family spans many countries and continents the world over.

classic ringer tee

Like the Yacht Club, Bitter End Provisions began organically.

The legacy that has grown and evolved organically over fifty years was

forever changed on September 6, 2017,

when Irma, the most powerful hurricane to ever strike the eastern Caribbean, passed directly over Bitter End. 

While our buildings, some of which dated back to the 1960s, were leveled, we are forever grateful that the Bitter End crew made it safely through the storm. Through this all, the strength and commitment of our community – the heart and soul of Bitter End – has grown stronger than ever. 

While we knew that Bitter End the place was iconic, we learned firsthand that no storm of any category could extinguish our spirit, and that our need to stay connected as we rebuild the property felt more important than ever. 

A big part of remaining connected for us is our commitment to supporting our community through philanthropic outreach.  We recently launched The Bitter End Foundation, a 501(c)(3) aimed at supporting the continued success, unique needs, and wellbeing of seaside communities by providing in-kind, financial and educational support, protecting sea life, undersea and surrounding habitats, and encouraging conservation efforts.

hurricane Irma devastation
bitter end building destroyed after hurricane Irma
bitter end building destroyed after hurricane Irma
working together to rebuild

So it is that Bitter End Provisions was born.

Without a place to set up shop at the moment, we’ve made a new home online.  We’re stocked with the highest-quality goods to outfit your boat, your home, and your seafaring family.  All of our wares are custom-made by us (and a selection of top-notch pals) to be enjoyed by anyone who carries the spirit of adventure, a love for the sea, and the warm welcome of the Caribbean in their veins.  What makes the cut? It’s got to work hard, look good, and get the thumbs up from our crew.  We hope you reach for our provisions whenever you’re doing something you’re passionate about whether ashore or at sea anywhere in the world.

the Hokin's sailboat Alianora circa 1976

In the end, it all comes down to messing about in boats.