Sailing | Stand Up Paddleboarding


“Waking up early every morning, and heading to watersports, with the promise of a day on, in, or near the water.”

"My goal every day is not to return to my room until I need to shower the salt and sunscreen off before dinner. Best to start the day by grabbing an SUP board before breakfast (pre-arranged with Jerome) to jump start the day. Then non-stop sailing & snorkeling after breakfast, "interrupted" only by lunch. After that, more sailing, snorkeling, and swimming..."

Chris reminds us that he's been to BEYC so many times, it's hard to pinpoint a specific favorite memory. He recalls the arrival experiences, the views, and all the people he has met over the years. But mostly, the views out over the water, beckoning to be explored -- by sail or SUP. At home, Chris is a PaddleFit Pro-certified SUP coach, and USSA Small Boat certified instructor (his alternative to a long career in the legal world). He also windsurfs & foils in Baja Arizona. But mostly he looks forward to returning to the waters of North Sound and BEYC 2.0.