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Whenever we had family come and visit, without a doubt we would take them on a sunset sail on Paranda. Watching the sunset as you hear the sound of the boat getting pushed by the waves is just great. And the rum punch with that helps, of course.”

Ben and Kay are the solar-powered engine of Sunchaser Scuba, the BEYC-based dive team. As the current owners of the shop, they are the standard bearers of the Caribbean’s most legendary dive operation. Ben hails from South Wales and dove in Thailand and Mexico before coming to the Caribbean, while Kay made her way to the BVI from Belgium via Mexico. Both credit incredible diving (and the opportunity to share it with others) for anchoring them in the North Sound. “My favorite Sunchaser Scuba excursion is our discover scuba diving experience,” says Kay. “We take guests on their first dive. Seeing their faces as they go under for the first time, seeing families diving together, and the smile on everyone’s face when they come up is just the best thing about our job!”

Of course, the job isn’t without its challenges. “Teaching courses in the pool at BEYC made us very familiar with the big Iguana that used to hang around there. It is hard to keep your students focused on your theory while a massive dinosaur wanders around the pool.”

Visitors to Bitter End are still warmly greeted by Ben and Kay today, as Sunchaser still calls Bitter End home post-Irma. Whether the dinosaurs have stuck around, however, is still a mystery.