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Stand up paddle board yoga classes next to Blue Beach were often accompanied by tropical fish, sea turtles near the mangroves and–a surprising amount of times–a rainbow. And Saturday AM sailing excursions to The Baths were consistently unforgettable.”

Danielle Brown is the zen master of our Bitter End community. In addition to running SUP retreats and day programs in her home state of Connecticut, she would also return three times a year to Bitter End to host our signature SUP Weeks. “Each week we offered two SUP Yoga classes a day in the Blue Lagoon and excursions like a sail trip to The Baths, paddle trips to lunch, hikes, snorkels and a daily community brunch,” Danielle explains. “The days often began with a coffee or tea before (or while) floating on the stand up paddle boards and often ended rocking to and fro on a hammock to the continued feel of the Caribbean Sea breeze.” Relaxation at its finest.

What attracted Danielle, who grew up a swimmer, to SUP in the first place? “I like how the sport combines fitness and nature. There is a rhythm to the breath and, when yoked with the stroke of the paddle and the feel of wonder of the seascape in the moment, the sensation evolves innumerably.” And where better to do it than Bitter End? As Danielle says fondly, any day there is simply “another day in paradise.”