Professional Sailor


Ed & Lisa Baird

Every ProAm has its stories.  And many need to stay on the island! But for me and my family, three decades of racing, sailboarding, partying, snorkeling, fishing, dining, relaxing on the beach, discussing the state of the sport, and getting to know passionate pro and amateur sailors from all over the planet has been an absolute pleasure.”

America’s Cup Winner and Sailing Hall of Famer Ed Baird is no stranger to BEYC. In fact, he and his wife, Lisa, have been visiting Bitter End since the start of their courtship. “From the first time we came as a couple, then newly marrieds, then new parents, then parents who were grateful to have a place the kids could be independent and have a great time, to now empty-nesters who appreciate the full-circle experience--the BEYC staff has always embraced us as a family.”

Of course, the Bitter End community has embraced the world-class sailor for his athletic prowess as well, coming out to watch him participate in many ProAm races. “We were at the first event, and we have tried to be at as many as we could throughout the 30-plus years,” he explains. Another early memory of visiting Bitter End? “When we first came, the Tortola airport was small enough that we had to buzz the runway before landing to be sure the goats got out of the way.  It was okay by us, since doing another circle meant taking in that much more of the beauty of the area!”

To be sure, the Baird family spirit--adventurous, optimistic, and a deep love for the sea--is emblematic of our entire Bitter End community.