5 Reasons to Try Paddle Boarding

Do you love water sports, feel comfortable in the sea, and want to try a new hobby? Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) might be right for you! Whether you are heading out to race, explore the coast or stretch the mind and body with the serenity of the sun dipping on the horizon, SUP is an excellent full-body workout and a splendid way to play. The vantage of standing on the water awards the opportunity to see the spectrum of nature and with senses absorbed in its splendor. Here are 5 reasons you need to try Paddle Boarding right now (or soon, at least)!


1. Health Benefits

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) involves maintaining your balance with water underfoot, strengthening your core muscles, abs, legs, torso, shoulders and back muscles. You see, as you stabilize yourself on the moving platform, your body works to maintain balance. It’s a low-impact workout that boosts cardiovascular health and reduces stress levels due to the sedative nature of water 's soft current and the repetition of paddle strokes.

2. It’s Accessible!

Paddleboarding is kind of like surfing, but not nearly as hard. You’re standing or kneeling on an oversized surfboard. The Sundowner SUP is 34 inches wide. This is wider than a typical yoga mat and promotes a good amount of stability for all types of riders. Get the board rocking by stepping into one foot and then the other and you'll see that it requires a good amount of strength to tip the board purposefully. It takes beginners about an hour to master the maneuverability on the water and the transportation of an inflatable on land, especially with a backpack included, is easy from the start!

3. Great for All Ages

Everyone in your family can enjoy paddleboarding! Young kids with a low center of gravity are remarkably quick at picking up the sport. They love to splash and race and use the board like a diving board to plunge into the sea. And when the kids get tired or if you have a curious pup, sit them in front of you and watch from their eyes what they see. These outings will tie to a memory shared.

4. Seeing Nature

What's a better way to see nature than standing in the middle of the sea? You can witness some of the best views of creatures below the water and beautiful views above the shore. It feels like you’re on top of the world and yet connected, with each matched breath to the feel of the breeze. And the greatest part? Each outing is an entirely new experience, just as each day has its own setting sunlight.


5. It’s Fun!

Paddle Boarding is meant for anyone who loves the water. It’s an opportunity for an adventure and exploring. You may not know this, but, paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport in the world. It’s a great sport to take on to meet new people with a common interest! And it's a great sport to enjoy solo (but with nature tagging along too – of course.)

The BEYC Sundowner SUP -- for paddling enthusiasts on the go! Whether you are cruising your favorite cove, taking a spin around the anchorage, or finding your center with a little SUP yoga on the lake, the stable Sundowner Inflatable SUP is an awesome travel companion. Stows on deck (inflated), below (in its handy backpack) or in the trunk. Designed especially for Bitter End Provisions by our pals at Caribe SUP. Perfect for your paddle from Bitter End to Prickly Pear.
● Each 11' board comes with a manual pump, adjustable paddle and carrying backpack (a $200 value)
● 2-year warranty
● 6 D-Rings to attach kayak seats or a cooler
● Packs into a backpack– total weight 40 lbs
● Maximum weight is 325 lbs
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