BEYC Time Machine: The Clubhouse

In honor of our 50 year anniversary- we're stepping back in time with a series of vintage photographs chronicling BEYC's beginnings!
Initially established by Basil Symonette, Bitter End's first owner, The
Clubhouse was designed to serve as a destination for seafarers seeking a stiff
drink and a fast meal. An eccentric sailor himself, Basil constructed the
structure from the remains of Ondine, Huey Long's magnificent yacht, with
the yacht's mainmast serving as the central support pillar. In those days, if
guests wished to dine, they had to approach a lengthy wooden pier and
sound their boat's air horn. Basil would respond via megaphone if he felt
convivial, and the guest would be granted permission to come ashore. The
night would continue until Basil abruptly decided to turn off the generator
and declare it time for lights out. No need for loudhalers now, just make a
reservation on our website.