Captain William Pinkney Enters Sailing Hall of Fame

An Introduction from Bitter End Yacht Club Owner Richard Hokin as Captain William Pinkney (pictured second from right), a true friend of the Bitter End, was inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame: 

Wendy and I were at last Saturday’s morning ceremony in Newport, where Capt. Bill Pinkney was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in recognition of his lifetime achievement in and contribution to the sport, which extend far beyond his solo circumnavigation, and his command of the S/V Amistad replica. I’m proud to claim that Bill and I share one thing, the experience of getting into big boat sailing and racing in Chicago as crew, although Bill was a watch captain, while I never progressed beyond grinder, clearly a sign of things to come.

The evening’s dinner was a real treat for us. We had the privilege of being seated at Bill’s table along with his wife, Migdalia, his son-in-law, granddaughter and two journalists involved in documenting the achievements that brought him to the Hall of Fame. Both events were in Newport’s armory building, which NSHOF has beautifully rehabbed, and which will open as their museum next spring.

The highlight of the whole day came after dinner when Bill delivered a thoughtful and eloquent keynote address. Bill was introduced by Tom Whidden, my shipmate during the Love Machine IOR yacht racing era. Pretty early into the talk, Bill described how my dad, Myron, had supported him and urged him to hold his course through the trying process of funding and organizing his circumnavigation. His advice to Bill was that anything having to do with boats “takes as long as it takes”. Bill also managed to weave in Bitter End, and even mention me, but rather than try to describe more, I sincerely suggest that you watch the video of his inspiring twenty-two minute talk.

We are looking forward to having Bill and Migdalia back at Bitter End soon.