Designing a Bright Future for BEYC!

Over 60 acres, a mile of waterfront, 100 boats and 50+ structures to “re-imagine!” But rest assured, planning the future of BEYC is well underway. Pictured here, BEYC ownership gets down to business with the design team from Simplemente Madera. 

And, here’s some personal insight from Simplemente Madera’s project manager Matthew Falkiner:

 “Do you like what we have done to the place?” was Richard Hokin’s greeting accompanied by a big grin, when we first met on what felt like a disaster movie set a few weeks after the storm. Since then, its been surprisingly fun exploring Bitter End’s 64 acres as we envision the future of this iconic water sports playground.

Almost 50 years of physical structures may have been destroyed but BEYC’s sense of place, spirit of fun and its essential beauty are absolutely intact. Our shoreline walks have given me a very clear picture of what is at the heart of Bitter End – and it certainly isn’t anything that Maria and Irma had in mind.

Our design approach at Simplemente Madera is focused on getting back to the basics of craft and simplicity. Rebuilding this special place is about creating the places and spaces where Bitter End can be Bitter End – not taking itself too seriously, in touch with its spectacular surroundings and quite serious about “messing around on the water.”

It is a fabulous mission to take the history and spirit and create an exciting new chapter. There are going to be things you will remember fondly and a lot of new architecture inspired by Bitter End’s spirit, but in the end it will feel incredibly fresh and sweetly familiar at the same time.” #BringBackBitterEnd

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