Introducing BVI Youth to the Undersea World

It’s no secret. Tourism in the BVI revolves around being in, on, under, or around the water. But it’s less well known that many people in the BVI, despite living and working on or near the water, can’t swim. And therefore can’t snorkel, can’t dive and often don’t truly understand the importance of the wonderful underwater world to their country. It is important that we in the marine sector (scuba, watersports, sailing, etc.) expose the young people of the BVI to diving and maybe even create future dive masters or instructors.

With that idea in mind, BEYC-based Sunchaser Scuba (with the support of UNITE BVI, BEYC, and host Leverick Bay) set up a kids snorkel/dive program throughout the month of July. Sunchaser Scuba organized a scuba camp for kids aged 8 and up which consisted of 3 intensive (but fun) afternoons.

The first day the participants were introduced to snorkeling, starting in the pool, then in the shallows along the shoreline of Leverick Bay. This was a day dedicated to emphasizing the importance of our ocean and how amazing being in and under the water can be.

On the second day the kids learned the precepts of scuba diving much like a visiting guest would, and then practiced what they learned in the pool with dive equipment and instructors.

On the 3rd day the participants went on a real dive to a maximum depth of 40ft.

The photos here capture the enthusiasm these children came away with.

And BEYC was proud to partner with Sunchaser – the plan is to continue this wonderful initiative when the resort re-opens.

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