Setting Off with Sunchaser

With BVI Wreck Week happening in February, we are diving into the deep with our scuba partners, Sunchaser

How did you both get started diving?

Ben: I learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef after having dreamed about diving since I was little. I always wanted to become a marine biologist but decided there were few opportunities, so I went to university and studied Business Law. After graduating, I moved to Thailand to become an instructor and have been doing that ever since.

Kay: I graduated from university and started traveling the world. One of my adventures led me to Mexico to work for a dive shop as a salesperson selling dive trips. It is tough to sell diving when you don’t know anything about it, so I learned, and Ben and I met. Eventually, ending up in the BVI working for Sunchaser Scuba.

Do you have a favorite dive?

Ben: My favorite dive is The Invisibles, an underwater pinnacle just off Necker Island, absolutely teaming with marine life. It is like diving in the pacific with Caribbean Visibility.

Kay: Every dive blowing bubbles.

What is your favorite wreck in the BVI?

Ben: I'm biased - my favorite is Sharkplaneo with the sponge forest. Especially considering we installed the sponge forest.

Kay: My favorite wreck is the Rhone just because of the historical value paired with the coral growth and marine life.

What can you tell us first-hand about reef health in the BVI?

All reefs around the world are in trouble. Between rising water temperatures and, therefore, coral bleaching, threats such as lionfish in the wrong regions, or new coral diseases, they are under a large amount of stress. Saying that, especially after the hurricane and pandemic, we have seen a tremendous increase in marine life. We see many more sharks than we did ten years ago, which is a great sign for the reefs.

Share your most incredible animal encounter.

Diving with dolphins in the BVI is always a treat. These gentle giants love it when you do silly tricks and come and copy you when you do so.

What about your coolest people encounter?

Richard Branson, Kate Winslet, Paris Hilton, Senator John Kerry, and the list goes on!

What advice do you have for someone just starting their diving journey?

Take it nice and slowly; trust and listen to your instructor. Make sure you talk to the person who will take you diving and ensure you are comfortable with them, as that is half of the battle won...

And enjoy blowing bubbles underwater!